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AboutDLT Media

DelecTable Media Productions LLC. is a full service digital media and marketing company focusing on the culinary, restaurant, and lifestyle industries. Sculpting and highlighting brands is our specialty. Our mission here at DLT Media is to work collaboratively with the client to strategize, innovate, and efficiently execute compelling media/ promotional campaigns. Through a team of highly effective and experienced marketers, social media specialists, web developers and media industry professionals, DLT Media helps bring your vision for your brand to life.

Also, DLT Media creates and distributes premium video content across the broadcast, online, and social/mobile landscape. Working in conjunction with freelance crews, DLT Media is behind numerous web and broadcast projects that have garnered millions of views throughout the world. DLT-Media-produced material can be seen on popular internet sites including AOL.com, Facebook, YouTube, Metromix, Forbes, International Business Times, Vevo, and Mashable, Everyday with Rachel Ray, and Ladies Home Journal.

From local businesses with moderate budgets to national clients looking for high end top quality production, DLT Media employs state-of the-art technology and talented production crews at competitive prices. The DLT Media team can take your concept, script and/or story board through the entire production and post production process. We are a one stop shop that saves you time and money, no matter the size of your project. DLT Media explores all aspects of luscious living.

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Sport Your Food
Vintry Wine & Whiskey
Gusto Restorante
Brooklyn Winery
Food Film Fest
Contorno's Restaurant
Food Network Wine and Food Festival
Brasserie Les Halles
AM Art & Graphics Graphic Design Studio
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DLT Media creates scrumptious and compelling original video content.

DLT Media employs state-of the-art technology and talented production crews at competitive prices. The DLT Media team can take your concept, script and/or storyboard through the entire production and post-production process.

Pre-Production Services

  • Project Management & Budgeting
  • Concept Development
  • Background Research
  • Recipe Development and testing
  • Script Writing
  • Talent Casting and Crew Calls
  • Media Training

Production Services

  • Production Crews: Including Producers, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Lighting, Audio Tech, Photographers, and Production Assistants
  • Expert Food Stylists
  • Background Research
  • HD premium Cameras


  • Non-linear Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Branding
  • Mastering and Encoding
  • Online distribution and syndication

Marketing& Distribution

DelecTable Media has strategic relationships with a number of multipoint distribution outlets to maximize exposure of your brand to desired audiences.

Position your video in over 30 video sites such as AOL, YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, and Mashable.

Customized Viral Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Customized Viral Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Strategic brand placement in media to maximize consumer-based buzz surrounding your business.

Audience and Traffic Analysis

Expert analytics and research analysis (ie. number of user views, length of views) to help better target your desired markets.

Metadata Insertion and results-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your brand at the top of popular consumer search engines.

Media Relations

Through dynamic and reputable relationships with numerous broadcast, print, and online media outlets, DelecTable Media can effectively help your brand reach local, national, and international exposure.

Our diversity of clients have been highlighted in a number of influential outlets including The New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, Chowhound, Newsweek, AOL, James Beard Foundation, NY1, and International Business Times.

SocialMedia & Consulting

Social Media

DelecTable Media’s dynamic social media team is comprised of savvy and highly influential bloggers, marketing strategists, and social media gurus. Whether it’s managing your business’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts or crafting a compelling campaign to drive thousands of fans, DelecTable Media employs experienced specialists that can help reach your social media goals.


DelecTable Media offers top-notch consulting services, including concept development, location analysis, design and executive search. Our knowledgeable and resourceful team guides our clients through creative conception to successful implementation. We can also assist with identifying and securing other key partnerships from our network of trusted vendors such as accountants, real estate brokers and architects.